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Client Success Stories + Testimonials

"Coach Fentress has helped me throughout my whole career and I’m beyond grateful for him...  Within 2 weeks of Ben helping me with recruiting I had 2 FBS Full Scholarships! This man truly cares about your future and wants the best for you ,with his help he’ll get you there!"

Antonio Zita

Kicker, UNC-Charlotte


"Coach Fentress is the person you need in recruiting. Once we started working together it was all smooth sailing. He got me in contact with coaches at schools I was also interested in, not just a school that happened to be offering. He always spoke on my behalf and gave coaches a good feeling about me even before I talked to them. He is someone that is also there for you outside of the football world. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today, thank you for everything!"

- Tucker Tevepaugh, Punter, University of Miami

"Coach Fentress has helped me through recruiting during my time at NEO as well as the year that I did not have a home before OU. He made calls for me and put his neck out when he saw my potential. Without Ben’s help I would not have had the opportunities that came before me."

- Redi Mustafaraj, Kicker, University of Oklahoma

"Coach Fentress came into my recruiting process late for me, but did the most work efficiently which helped me get to the next level. Going into my senior season I had very little looks. Coach made an extra emphasis to get my name in front of big name schools to give me an opportunity to pick where I wanted to go. Coach has relationships with coaches all over the country and does well seeing talent and placing talent specifically. Great guy, who knows his stuff, and is all about the players' needs!"

- Grant Meadors, Kicker, University of Oregon 

"Coach Fentress has been outstanding  throughout my recruiting process. It can be taxing psychologically, especially when you’re waiting for schools to recognize you. Coach Fentress was relentless, consistent, and extremely dedicated to my recruitment. He became more than just a Coach, he is a mentor and will be a lifelong asset throughout my career!"

- Badger Hargett, Punter, Louisiana State University

"Coach Fentress is the man! He always went above and beyond to help me find my opportunity to live out my dreams of playing college football. He’s a great person and coach that helped me through a lot, especially during COVID which was a weird time in recruiting and the world."

- Holden Caspersen, Snapper, Clemson University

"Coach Fentress helped recruit me coming out of high school to Kentucky State. I had very few field goals and just kickoffs. So I felt as if I was at a disadvantage with having very limited game film. He knows how to communicate to these college Coaches and continued working in order for me to become D1."

- Gerardo Baeza, Kicker, Jackson State

"Coach Ben is nothing but the real deal. I’ve never met someone in this industry that wants your success as much as they want theirs. He not only is a great coach but he’s a great guy. He genuinely wants a relationship with you. He talked me through every question I had and never failed to give his 100%. He gives you the full truth. I would not be in the position I’m in right now without him!"

- Chipper Grayson, Kicker, Austin Peay State

"After not picking up many offers shortly after my senior season, I met Coach Ben Fentress who helped get my name out to coaches who weren’t going to find me otherwise and now I’m living my dream playing D1 FBS football!"

- Michael James, Kicker, Texas State University

"Coach Ben Fentress and his commitment in providing training and recruitment for specialists across the country has resulted in hundreds of young men earning life changing opportunities, myself included. His ability to connect with specialists, accurately evaluate their skill and potential, and make the recruiting process both efficient and rewarding is truly incredible. Both in person and over the phone, the effort he put into my recruitment was instrumental in its success."

- Jacob Meeks, Kicker, University of South Alabama

"Coach Fentress is someone who genuinely cares for the kids he comes in contact with. He understands their goals and aspirations as a specialist and will do whatever he can to help you achieve them. More importantly though, he cares about your character. He wants to help you as a person and is there for anything you have going on in your life!"

- James Hook, Punter, Frostburg State University 

"If you’re looking to get recruited, I recommend Ben Fentress. He is an awesome dude who is real and knows hundreds of coaches and can get your film into the hands of any program. His word is trusted in the recruiting industry as he has helped athletes receive offers to full scholarships after a single phone call. This man will get you an offer to play at the next level. Trust the process and work hard!"

- Ethan Yuska, Punter, University of West Florida 

Coach Fentress was instrumental throughout my recruiting process. His connections with coaches and insight into the world of college football special teams not only helped me get recruited, but improve as a snapper! He is the best in the business and will help you in your recruiting no matter your level!

- Jack Ronilo, Snapper, Duke University

"Coach Fentress put me in direct contact with more than 5 division 1 coaches during my recruiting process. He pointed me toward where my strengths best fit, and it ultimately landed me at a power 5 program."

- Ryan Shamburger, Punter, University of Minnesota

"When I was in the portal, not having played for 2 years and with very little game film, Ben gave me his word he would work to try to find me a place to play. He didn’t just try, he did find me a place to play. His connections and his desire for the kids he’s helping is what makes him successful and that’s the reason I’m at Wyoming. Even when things weren’t going my way in Wyoming, he was constantly encouraging me – and now I’m the starter! He’s not just there for the recruiting, he’s there every step of the way."

- Clayton Stewart, Punter, University of Wyoming

"Coach Ben Fentress guided me through the recruiting process as a transfer not just once but twice. We put a plan in action that helped me land multiple offers to schools I was genuinely interested in. I consider him a trusted advisor who knows how to navigate recruiting, training, and NCAA policy. I highly recommend him to any specialist that seriously wants the opportunity to play collegiate football!"

- Coby Neenan, Punter/Kicker, Tulane, UAB and Samford University

"At a time in my career with much uncertainty, Coach Ben took me under his wing and helped me to find my ideal spot. Due to circumstances such as injury and coaching changes, I found myself in a scenario where I was transferring for a 2nd time. Ben knew the obstacles but that did not deter him from our common goal. Ben had me talking to schools that I never would have imagined would be willing to take a risk on two-time transfer. The connections with Ben are REAL. It’s not a deal where he just gets you a visit. He gets you on calls talking about important things with the top coaches in the country. I've made more meaningful relationships with coaches during my time working with Ben than I had my whole career. An investment in Ben is without a doubt an investment in a better future for yourself."

- Luke Pawlak, Kicker, University of Toledo

"Coach Ben helped me a ton when I became our starting punter. I came to him being a very untraditional punter in a unique situation, yet he took the time to help coach me into a consistent and reliable punter. He taught me skills that had potential to carry me into a further career with punting. It does not matter if you are a punter, kicker, or just an athlete – Ben can help you achieve your goals and be successful at the highest levels."

- Dontae Crow, Punter/Athlete, University of Wyoming

"I have been truly blessed to know Coach Fentress and have his support and guidance not only in football and recruiting, but also my life. His tireless effort and dedication for each and everyone one of his athletes is truly remarkable. He no doubt played a huge role in my recruitment to help me find my home and many other talented specialists theirs as well. Look no further for a great coach and mentor to work hard for you to help make your dreams come true."

- Westin Waters, Kicker, Lamar University

Parents + Coaches

“Coach Fentress has always gone beyond expectations helping my son during his recruiting process. He is always available for the kids and the parents alike! Coach Fentress has spent numerous hours speaking to coaches on behalf of my son with timely follow up and directions for us to help transition from high school to college football in a seamless fashion. His personal experience as a kicker himself in college but more importantly as a special teams coach in college adds priceless layers of knowledge that allows parents and kids to precisely understand what lies ahead! I know for a fact that he truly picks up the phone, talks to coaches and does the heavy lifting required to help the kids find their perfect fit and play college ball!”

- Tim Tabor, MD


"During my time with Coach Ben Fentress at the University of Wyoming, I had never experienced a more dedicated and charismatic person both on and off the field. Ben spent his time tirelessly trying to build up those around him, even those he spent no time coaching. He is a phenomenal human being that looked to engage and connect with everyone he met. I spent a lot of time around Ben working side by side with him in aspects of the specialist game. He is someone with mastery level skills in the kicking game which deliver immense results both on and off the field. He instills a great level of confidence in his athletes, and that bravado is seen on game day. Being a kicking coach that has led, and worked side by side with several Lou Groza Finalists, he is a man with commanding intelligence on the kicking game. His work at Wyoming helped us immensely when it mattered, helping lead us to the 2019 Arizona Bowl. I use tips and tricks from Coach Fentress, everyday when I am teaching special teams. He has been an inspiration on me, and I am forever grateful for my time with him at the University of Wyoming."

- Coach Mason Keeler, Former University of Wyoming Player and Coach

"From the moment they met, Ben saw incredible potential in Blake. He was impressed with Blake’s work ethic, maturity, skill and determination. Ben told Blake that he would absolutely find him a spot on a team.  And that is exactly what happened! Blake is now playing college football!!! Also, Ben is such a wonderful mentor to my son. Any time Blake needs guidance or advice, he reaches out to Ben and he responds promptly. He has cheered him on as Blake has succeeded academically and athletically. Ben is a fantastic man that works diligently to help players find a home to play football!"

- Angela Furguson

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